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Donate to mine clearance and get gifts from Aurora and Come Back Alive Charity Foundation

Ukraine is now the world`s most heavily mined country. This poses a huge threat, as it will take decades to clear the territory of explosive ordnance. 

That’s why Aurora, together with the Come Back Alive Charity Foundation, is actively raising funds to buy much-needed equipment: metal detectors, pick-up trucks, radio sets, drones, etc. 

To do this, customers receive unique gifts for their donations to the mine clearance project at the Aurora cash desk. However, we realised that the previous minimum donation amount was not convenient for everyone, so we reduced it to UAH 49. This is to ensure that every visitor to the store can join the demining of the country and get a symbolic gift for good deed. 

 From now on, you are guaranteed to receive a collector’s box with the liberated Kherson canning lids for a donation of UAH 49 to the Come Back Alive Charity Foundation at the Aurora cash desk. Two unique magnets made from the same lids are given for a donation of UAH 29.

So today, a donation for mine clearance while shopping in Aurora stores is a great opportunity to do a good deed and get a symbolic souvenir as a reminder of how unconquerable we are!

We are free and invincible Ukrainians. We have to live together and build an independent and prosperous country. Don’t stay away! Join the Save the Future Now project and donate to help the EOD specialists of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Our goal is UAH 10 million, and we will definitely reach it thanks to your support.