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DobroBox is a charity selling point for Avrora employees

There is a stereotype that in order to become a charity donor, you either have to be a superhero or have a lot of money and free time. In fact, anyone can help. It is especially easy to do so, when the conditions are set for it. For example, by your employer. That’s exactly what we at Avrora have done – we have created DobroBox. This is a special selling point set up on the premises of the support office for Avrora employees. The project provides an opportunity to buy useful items at an affordable price and join a charity. On the shelves, for example, you can find corporate merch, partner products or the handmade items of the employees themselves. As Olena Zabelinska did, providing handmade soap for charity purposes. DobroBox therefore gives you an opportunity to be a buyer as well as a seller. In both cases it will be a good deed. After all, all proceeds from the sale go to charity. The prices are affordable and marked “Starting at...”, which makes it possible to put a larger sum for the chosen goods into the box, if you wish.   


*Dobro - means Kindness 


In addition, there have already been a number of themed promotions at DobroBox. For Valentine’s Day there was a charity sale of Valentine’s cards. They were handmade by children with disabilities from Zinkivskyi and Novosanzharskyi children’s care homes, run by Avrora’s regular partner, the HELPGROUP Charitable Foundation. As part of the next promotion, a charity bag sale took place at the HELPGROUP Foundation’s initiative. “Kind” eco-bags were made by the First Factory of Useful Goods. From the sale of each item, this company provided for the transfer of UAH 2 to the charity foundation.  


The DobroBox project is one of the ways to realise the company’s value, which is “Give Kindness Without Borders”. That is why there are many sensitive and caring people among Avrora employees. With Avrora, it is easy to do good and even a small contribution to charity makes this world a little bit better.