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Doing good deeds together with “Defence of Poltava”

Avrora has a good tradition of holding corporate auctions for the employees to buy lots of interest. The funds raised are donated to charity. Such lots as paintings, home baked treats, jewellery, certificates for various services, cosmetic products, etc. were offered by the Avrora employees at the recent auction called “For Her”. It was held to raise funds to purchase necessary items for our female defenders, who often do not have feminine hygiene products, underwear, etc. 216 pieces of women’s underwear were purchased for UAH 14,679 as the total amount of raised funds. These are comfortable seamless tops and panties of different sizes.

The initiative was joined by our partner, Poltava manufacturer Premier Socks, which provided 100 pairs of socks with patriotic prints for free.

All items supplemented by 50 hygiene kits were handed over to the public movement “Defence of Poltava”. They were subsequently transferred to the public organization “Zemliachky. Ukrainian Front”, which provide everything necessary for women at war.

Providing aid to IDP women from the “Camouflage” cluster
Avrora willingly supports those who contribute to the common victory. They are not only defenders but also volunteers. IDP women have been weaving the camouflage covers and nets for the front in a volunteer cluster called “Camouflage” within the public movement “Defence of Poltava” since February 24. We also packed and delivered 41 kits of hygiene products for them, as these are always an urgent need for IDPs.

Background information: The public movement “Defence of Poltava” has been organized to interact between the community, business and volunteers to support the Armed Forces, Territorial Defence Forces and those affected by war. We recently reported that Avrora donated hygiene kits for defenders.