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Why are prices low in Avrora?

The reasons to visit 'Avrora' are different - someone is excited about the chic selection of goods, someone is happy that everything you need can be found in one place, and someone appreciates the fact that 'Avrora' is always on hand. But of course everyone loves 'Avrora' for affordable prices.

So how do we manage to keep prices low? We know that there are many assumptions. But we want to be honest with everyone, so let's talk about the real reasons.

• Reason №1 - we buy goods in large batches.

The rule in the market works - wholesale is cheaper. We buy goods mainly from manufacturers and large batches. That's why, the unit cost of production is less, respectively, and the price in the store, too.

• Reason №2 - self-service in the store.

We do not hire additional staff who are exclusively engaged in consulting, trying to 'help' and sell you goods at every step.

The teams of employees in our stores are formed in such a way as to provide the most comfortable conditions for your shopping.

As a result, we have lower labor costs and, consequently, lower costs and prices.

• Reason №3 - sometimes we sell cheaper than we bought.

Sounds weird, but it really is. We understand that in today's world, a comfortable life requires many things, and many people cannot afford even the most necessary things. That is why sometimes we sell socially important goods at a lower price than the one at which we bought the goods from the manufacturer.

• Reason №4 - we sell seasonal goods and save on warehousing.

Most often in 'Avrora' you meet essential goods and seasonal goods, which we buy and bring to stores just before sale. And only the minimum number of goods we keep in stock. So by saving on warehousing, we provide low prices for our products.

• Reason №5 - we advertise partner products.

To improve sales and brand awareness, our partners and suppliers advertise their products at Avrora. And the money we get from selling advertising allows us to keep prices low.

This is an inexhaustible list of reasons that affect the formation of prices in 'Avrora'. But the above five have the greatest impact on ensuring low prices.

That's how simple it is. We keep prices low so that you have everything you need.