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The Way to Victory charity event is extended!

Ukrainians, you are incredible! Despite the daily donations to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and various successful charity fundraising campaigns, you have been very supportive of our “The Way to Victory” campaign aimed at purchasing RQ-35 Heidrun drones.

We managed to raise a huge amount of money together in more than a month and a half, and as of April 6 it was UAH 4,520,941!

However, the excitement for Ukrainian patriotic chips and comic books continues. Therefore, we decided to extend the campaign until April 23, 2023. Anyone who wants to, but hasn’t yet assembled their own collection of chips or hasn’t had time to buy collectors’ tube or an interesting comic book with relevant stories about the struggle of the Ukrainian people, can still join in! 

To do this, you just need to buy goods worth UAH 80 or more at Aurora and get a chip for just UAH 2 at the cashier’s desk. You can also buy a partner’s item to get a chip at a promotional price.

If your collection is almost complete, with a few characters missing, we suggest you try your luck and just buy a few chips at the current price of UAH 10 each.  

The comics are sold separately at the price of UAH 77. If Aurora store you are used to visit is out of them, you can order them in our online store.

 All proceeds from the sale of comic books, chips and tubes “The Way to Victory” are transferred through UNITED24 to purchase reconnaissance drones for the defenders of Ukraine.

Support the charity initiative and help pave the way to our Victory!