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Aurora received an award from the command of the National Guard of Ukraine for support of the Drones of the Guard project

The Drones of the Guard project, a joint initiative of Ukrainian business and the command of the National Guard of Ukraine, has been running for over a year. Aurora has been an active participant in it from the very beginning. In 2023, the project raised UAH 10 million together with our customers and transferred it to purchase drones and related equipment. This year, at the end of May, together with other entrepreneurs, we handed over another batch of drones to the soldiers. 

The most important thing now is to support our defenders every day. Being unbreakable behind the lines is both a civic and personal duty. 

At a meeting with the heads of the National Guard of Ukraine headquarters and project participants, Aurora CEO Taras Panasenko spoke about his nephew Yurii, a soldier with the Odesa unit of the National Guard of Ukraine:

“He was originally from Dnipro and was very concerned about the state and his land. At the beginning of 2023, Yurii voluntarily, answering the call of his conscience, transferred to the 15th Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine “Kara-Dag” to liberate the occupied territories of southern Ukraine. Unfortunately, during one of the counter-offensive operations, he came under mortar shelling and died in hospital from his wounds. He is 24 years old forever. This is an inexplicable pain for our family. It is a matter of honour for Aurora to help the National Guard of Ukraine and other Ukrainian defense forces.”


We accepted the award from the command of the National Guard of Ukraine for supporting the project with gratitude and pride. We do not stop – we work for our Victory!