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Aurora’s distribution centre is open in Lviv

Aurora is actively expanding its chain across Ukraine, opening a new store every 14 hours on average. The more outlets we have, the more complex the logistics become. Multimarket shoppers are used to the fact that store shelves are always filled with a wide variety of items. That’s why Aurora’s team is looking for and finding solutions that make the process of delivering goods to stores many times more efficient.

Opening distribution centre in Lviv is one of them. This is our third distribution centre, with an area of over 7,000 sq.m, and more than 300 employees from Aurora.

 “We are building an honest and transparent business, strictly complying with the requirements of the current Ukrainian legislation, and opposing tax evasion in all sectors of the economy. We believe in Ukraine and its future, and therefore we are ready to continue investing in the further development of our retail business, despite Russia’s war against Ukraine,” said Lev Zhydenko, co-owner of Aurora Group.


The Aurora multimarket chain continues to improve its business processes on a daily basis to make it more convenient and profitable for customers. This includes either a new device for checking goods in the store or the opening of a distribution centre in Lviv. Aurora is constantly changing, as it strives to make its customers happier when purchasing affordable stuff for home and soul.