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Avrora became Partner of the Year for CO “Light of Hope”

Our Company has a partnership agreement and interacts with the Charity Organisation “Light of Hope” within the framework of corporate social activities. At year-end 2021, Avrora received an honorary Partner of the Year award.

“We are grateful to the sustainable business for helping to overcome domestic and gender-based violence. With your noble deeds, you make this world a better place. Thank you for always being there for us!” the award says.

In 2021, Avrora joined the development of a Day Centre for social and psychological assistance with a 24-hour crisis room for persons affected by domestic violence and/or gender-based violence. With the help of the Company, the building and interior rooms were renovated. In addition, last year Avrora employees donated two loads of clothes and footwear for the needs of the Centre’s care recipients.

“Avrora has been supporting our Women’s Shelter for many years. It is an example of a sustainable business that proves its value to society by real deeds. It sincerely wishes to help those in need”, noted employees of CO “Light of Hope”.

The Shelter provides women in difficult life circumstances with safe temporary accommodation, social support and counselling, medical and preventive services, and helps with registration and social integration. The Centre is most often visited by victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.

Background information: “Avrora has been a signatory to the Declaration for Gender Equality and the Prevention of Domestic Violence since 2020 and supports important initiatives in this area to achieve the Company’s priority sustainable development goal “Gender Equality”.