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Aurora is awarded for supporting female defenders

Aurora has been supporting the Zemliachky. Ukrainian Front project, which helps military personnel, for about a year. This interaction began in 2022 due to the Poltava Defence movement, which, together with Zemliachky, launched the For Her project. As part of this initiative, our Company has been continuously packing and delivering hygiene kits for women serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and continues to do so to date. 


On New Year’s Eve, the partnership continued with the launch of the Give Warmth by Creating a Holiday charity event. Every Ukrainian had the opportunity to support the Ukrainian defenders by purchasing New Year’s stuff in all Aurora stores from December 19, 2022 to January 15, 2023. 10% of sales were transferred to make winter uniforms for women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. UAH 6 million were raised in 28 days, which were used to make 952 kits. 


To report on the year of its activities, the NGO held Zemliachky’s anniversary event in Kyiv. In addition to summing up, the meeting featured a presentation of ЗМLCHK charity merch and congratulations to the partners, including representatives of our Company, which received a symbolic award shaped as a projectile with the Zemliachky and Aurora logos. 


We are grateful to the women on the frontline and in the rear for their daily dedicated work in support of Ukraine. Together we are doing everything to hasten our Victory!