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Aurora joined the Posady project!

Due to the Russian aggression in Ukraine and the economic crisis, many Ukrainians have experienced hardship, they have lost their homes, their health, and their source of income. However, despite the challenges, people do not give up, they are ready to provide themselves with local food and only ask for seeds.  

That is why NGO Ekoltava initiated the “Posady!” (in English: Plant!) project in April 2022 to provide seed kits to people being in hardship and affected by the war. They include IDPs, large families, pensioners, veterans, and disabled people.  

Last year, the organisation received more than 1,000 applications within a month and provided seeds to about 3,000 Ukrainians at the expense of benefactors from Germany, Hungary, and Israel. In the same year, Ekoltava launched the “Posady!” platform for raising funds to purchase planting kits. More than 6,000 applications were received from all over Ukraine, especially from the frontline and de-occupied territories. 

“Aurora was pleased to support this important initiative and joined the project by providing vegetable seeds. 


“Thank you from our entire team! This is really a huge contribution and support for the project and people who have experienced hardship due to the war,” these are the words of gratitude from NGO Ekoltava for the assistance provided 

Let’s support each other on the way toward our Victory and promote the environmental and food security of Ukraine together.