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Aurora. The Company’s achievements in 2023 and plans for 2024

In 2023, the Aurora chain of stores paid more than UAH 3.2 billion as taxes and contributions to the budgets of all levels. This is a significant contribution to the national economy and support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

 Even in these trying times, Aurora continues to develop and open new stores:

  • More than 460 outlets opened in Ukraine in 2023;
  • 6 stores opened in Romania.

The Company also invested over UAH 700 million in business development, launching new distribution centres and expanding its operations. These expansions have stimulated an increase in the number of jobs in the Company, as well as in salaries. Currently, the employees receive an average monthly salary of UAH 20,500, which is one of the best indicators in retail among discounters in Ukraine.

In 2023, Aurora successfully passed an audit by one of the Big Four companies, demonstrating the best ethical standards of doing business in the segment. The Company supported Ukrainian business by developing local producers. In 2023, more than 400 Ukrainian producers sold their goods in our chain. Their total revenue was over UAH 10 billion.

 In 2023, the Company donated more than UAH 155 million to charity, namely:


  • UAH 124 million for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • UAH 20 million to support communities;
  • 6 million for educational projects;
  • UAH 5 million for hospitals, etc.


In 2024, the Company plans to grow by supporting Ukrainian producers and expanding its business in Ukraine, Romania and other EU countries. The expected investments in the Ukrainian economy will be over UAH 500 million, and more than 3,500 new jobs will be created.

As part of non-financial goals, the Company aims to increase the inclusion of its premises and stores, as well as to transform the working conditions and environment of the Company into a veteran-friendly one, according to the best international practices.