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Blood Agents as Aurora’s new partners

Aurora is actively engaged in the area of corporate social responsibility, in particular, encouraging blood donations among its employees. In 2022, 6 collective visits to blood transfusion stations were organized, the number of regular donors in the Company reached 139, and the number of donations reached 286. Going deeper into this issue, we learned about the problem of blood donation. The desire to improve the situation prompted us to join Blood Agents’ projects. 

Blood Agents is a non-governmental organisation that has been promoting regular, conscious and free blood donation since 2015. The organisation’s large volunteer base, duty in healthcare institutions, corporate donation, and specific art projects turn blood donation into a strong volunteer movement.


“This interaction will reduce the load on the team of Blood Agents, allow us to focus on the main tasks and unlock the potential of audience’s donations for projects to develop blood donation in Ukraine. We are sincerely grateful to every partner who helps the Agents to develop and grow,” the Blood Agents noted

It is a logical continuation for Aurora to develop its corporate donation by joining the promotion of blood donation in Ukraine. That is why the signed cooperation agreement with Blood Agents will help us to effectively interact to support blood donations both in our Company and in Ukraine as a whole.