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54 Aurora employees donated blood at the Donor Day in the support office

Traditionally, Aurora employees collectively donate blood every 2-3 months. The corporate Donor Day was held in Poltava for the first time. Poltava regional blood transfusion station helped to organize the blood donation.


54 Aurora employees participated in donating blood. That means about 162 lives saved!


In the memory of the donation, each of the donors received a symbolic badge in the shape of a blood component from the partner, NGO Blood Agents, involved in promoting systematic blood donorship. There is always a need for blood of different types, especially during the war.


We believe that this new experience will become a good tradition and the second Donor Day will be held in the support office in two months. According to feedback from Aurora employees, such format is more convenient for many of them. Those who donated blood for the first time noted that it was much more comfortable to do that in their office and with their colleagues’ support.