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Our report: we purchased 70 drones for UAH 7 million raised as part of the Cossacks and Avrora campaign

A few months ago, Cossack men and women in different parts of Ukraine were shopping and participating in a charity event organised by Avrora. Some of them put together a whole collection album with cool chips depicting Ukrainian heroes, while others bought chips separately and gave them to their children, nephews and grandchildren. Every hryvnia spent was worthwhile!
Today we are proud to report: all 7 million hryvnias that Avrora donated to the Come Back Alive Charity Fund have been spent as intended. In particular, we managed to purchase 70 DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise CP.EN drones. Some of the drones have already been delivered to various Territorial Defence Forces brigades and military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and some are on their way to their destinations.
So we are extremely happy that with the support of millions of Ukrainians we were able to bring our common Victory a few steps closer. We are not going to stop there.
We will fight together, support our brave soldiers and every Ukrainian deep in the rear. Because only together we are an invincible force!