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“Zdybanka” – the corporate secret of running’s popularity in Avrora

Running has been an element of Avrora’s corporate culture for many years. It is popularised in the company specifically in the amateur format. Everyone can run, depending on their abilities and the goals they set for themselves. Many of Avrora’s employees started running to be on the same page with others, inspired by the example of their colleagues. Various corporate competitions have also helped popularise running. Such as the “Zdybanka” (means a “meeting”) Running Challenge. In order to join the challenge, you had to:


  • have a first meeting with Avrora employee who is not running yet, or hasn’t run in a very long time (more than a year);
  • make a report on each meeting via social media or the corporate running chat room with a photo;
  • earn points: number of participants at the meeting = number of points for each participant on that meeting. 


The Zdybanka Running Challenge lasted for two months. 55 Avrora employees joined it, including as many as 19 new runners!

During this time, the participants:


    began to run more regularly;

    arranged to run together;

    attracted newcomers;

    gathered people and earned points;

    had great time with friends. 


The Challenge ended with a general meeting in Peremoha Park and an award ceremony at the Vorskla stadium. Each active participant received a T-shirt in the new, exclusive design, and 20 points to the rating of Avrora sports people.


Based on the results of the Challenge, a ranking table with a prize grid was formed:

TOP 10 – anoraks

TOP 20 – caps

TOP 30 – running socks

In addition 1, 2, 3 places were awarded with sport purchase certificates.


The leaders of the “Zdybanka” Running Challenge” were:


1st place – Karyna Kozlova 

2nd place – Ihor Horielov 

3rd place – Vitalii Zhyhura 

“I would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the Challenge, as everyone helped me realise my dream of winning! Thank you for the positive atmosphere and for the great company during running. Avrora is really one family,” Karyna Kozlova shared her emotions about winning.


But the Challenge did not end after the final. Zdybanka has become a good tradition for the Avrora employees. After all, it is always easier and more fun together!