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Avrora football players have won three golds in 2021

Football is the most popular sport among Avrora employees. That’s why Avrora employees regularly train, take part in internal tournaments and join the Poltava cups as a corporate team, representing the company’s sporting potential in a worthy manner.  


Avrora employees started 2021 with a victory – they became the winners of the Brooklyn Winter Cup 2021. From March 13 to May 15, Avrora football team participated in the city tournament BROOKLYN CUP SPRING 2021. Our sportsmen did their best and there were many notable victories during the tournament. However, there were also disappointing defeats. But in general, Avrora performed well and in the final table took a high 5th place among the 16 teams from Poltava. 


Avrora’s corporate tournaments

The summer season was opened with the AVRORA RANDOM CUP corporate tournament at SC “Brooklyn”. As part of this format, the teams were formed right before the game by drawing lots. As a result, 4 teams played 5x5 on the mini-field, two halves of 15 minutes each. The leaders, who won all their games, were determined in the course of a persistent struggle – FC Lille (Kyrylo Morkovskyi, Oleh Krat, Oleksandr Dunai, Vladyslav Voitenko, Vitalii Tyshchenko). The winning team received Avrora’s perpetual trophy, stylish sports bottles, certificates for Avrora Sport merch, and the prize fund was formed from the registration fees of all the participants.


Corporate competitions were also held during autumn, because this is a great way to promote football as a corporate sport and to attract new employees to the game. Therefore, in October, as many as 6 teams competed for the championship in the Avrora CUP football tournament, which took place on the field of SC “Brooklyn”. Great weather, worthy opponents and a strong motivation to win the cup and the prize fund – all made the games fierce. Particularly tense was the final between “Rabotnichky” and FC “Lider”, which ended 3-4 in favour of the latter. The best goal-scorer of the tournament was also defined – Artem Hurskyi (“Rabotnichky”) with 9 goals. Oleksandr Bondarenko (Banda QA) was named the best goalkeeper of Avrora CUP.


Two gold and one silver medal – the result of the Avrora season

From September 5 to November 14, on the field of SC “Pavlenky” in Pavlenkivskyi Park there was III Poltava Open Futsal Championship BVS CUP 2021. The competition was held in a 6x6 format. A total of 12 teams took part. The Avrora team played a total of 11 matches and claimed a clear victory, gaining a deserved champion’s cup.


Immediately after this absolute victory, the Avrora employees faced a new challenge – the Shcherbani ATC Futsal Cup at the “Rozsoshentsi” Sports Complex. Once again our team became the leader with a new cup for the arsenal of awards. 


With a bit of a break from the tournaments, the Avrora team decided to compete in Brooklyn Winter Cup 2021-2022. The games ended as early as January 2022. Our football players were silver medallists in this winter championship in futsal. Symbolically, it was these competitions that opened the Avrora football year 2021 and ended the season with them.