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Avrora supported 14 sporting events in 2021

Avrora is a team of like-minded people striving to change this world for the better. We do this in a variety of ways, one of which is through sport. We run, play team games and travel. We always keep fit, we spend our leisure time in an interesting, active and useful way. 


On February 14, 2021, for the second time we organised a charity running flash mob for Valentine’s Day, called CupidRUN. Everyone was able to run any distance by making a charitable donation. The money raised was handed over to our regular partner, the Helgroup Charitable Foundation.


However, we do not only organise sporting events ourselves, but we also participate in and host other events. Especially those that promote healthy lifestyles, activities with an environmental or charitable component.    


So, Avrora was an official partner of such events in 2021:


    the “February Marathon 2.0” online race;

    children’s rowing tournament; 

    anti-marathon – a project from ULA (Ukrainian Leadership Academy) for those who want to start running;

    charity cross-country triathlon to help people who are being treated for the effects of Covid-19 at home;

    beach volleyball tournaments;

    Poltava Outdoor Weekend tourist festival in Pryrichkovyi Park;

    WORKOUT BATTLES – All-Ukrainian Street Workout competitions in Poltava;

    Sport day in Peremoha Park on the Day of Physical Training and Sport;

    petanque master class for beginners;

    joint RUNDAY of 5 running clubs in Poltava;

    “Granite Cup” rock-climbing festival in Chykalivka;

networking event “Poltava Running. Developing a running culture” in the City Hub.


Avrora also supported two events from Power Space Team. They are Opishnia Trail – a run in a place of power, where distances from 1 to 30 km run through Scythian hills, forests and Opishnia clay. And also Bulanove Eco Trail, an eco-concept trail with three disciplines: run, bike ride and team kayak rafting. 


Together we make people healthier, life more interesting, and the world around us a little better!