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Light is off, Avrora is on!

Ukrainians continue facing scheduled power outages, sometimes there are emergency ones, but we remain undaunted. The Avrora team does its best for shopping by customers to be as comfortable as possible in any situation.
We have already found a solution so that the stores continue operating when the power is cut off:
• We illuminate the sales areas with means at hand such as garlands, flashlights, LED lamps.
• We provided some of the stores with generators and UPS. We will gradually cover the entire chain of our stores.
• A mobile cash register has been used. Now the Avrora sellers can create receipts and cash customers out using a special device or mobile phone. After the power supply is resumed, all data is transferred to the computer.
We move beyond this and are constantly looking for new ways to improve the service in the store when the light is off.
Now we need additional suppliers of UPS and generators. If you have worthy proposals and are ready to cooperate, please contact us at [email protected] or complete an application on the “For Partners” page of our website.