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Become the face of Avrora store in TikTok

Who knows Avrora best? And, of course, you!
Because you subscribe to all our social networks, film stories about us and on the way home you go to several "Avrora" stores.

So why don't you become the face of Avrora in TikTok?
You will film a lot of videos about Avrora with your participation and broadcast them from our page to millions of people. And for that you will receive something nice from us.

So how do you become the face of Avrora in TikTok?
1. Create a script involving Avrora, shoot a video and upload it to your TikTok page.
2. Add a link to the Google Form and answer questions about yourself👉 https://bit.ly/2W2sEnK

We will collect information from participants by the end of 2020. The name of the author of the best video and the new face of "Avrora" will be announced in TikTok on January 15.

If you love Avrora and TickTock, this is the place for you. Try it and the New Year will bring you many surprises.