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Weekly management meetings with employees – Zdybanka in Avrora

Zdybanka – what is it?

It’s Zoom’s coolest online meeting format, bringing together employees from all of the chain’s stores and representatives from the departments (distribution centre, forwarding service and support office) that keep them running smoothly.



Mondays and Thursdays at 12:00 p.m.


What happens at Zdybanka?

It’s a meeting where employees learn company news, hear solutions to urgent problems and are energised for a productive week. ⚡️ Senior management of the company is also present at each meeting, getting as much as possible involved in the issues discussed, responding openly to every appeal, and often conducting short surveys on one topic or another. This is because employees are the most important asset!

The number of people involved has varied at different times, which is why we are growing and developing :)