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Avrora Sport Fishing Festival

Maintaining good health is one of the goals of sustainable development actively developed at Avrora.

And our friendly Avrora Sport team knows how to achieve the goal, mixing work with pleasure (Instagram page), proving it on a regular basis.

For instance, on 22 August, a fishing festival and a competition took place for the first time. The air by the pond was refreshing, the atmosphere was inspiring with fun, and the nibble was amazing.

And for that we are very grateful to our partners and sponsors. After all, they provided the Megamix and King Fish bait that attracted a lot of fish, including the 855 g grass carp – the champion in the Biggest Fish category.

At the end of the festival, the winners were also decided in the Maximum Catch Weight and the Largest Number of Fish categories. And in addition to the catch — which is a joy by itself — all the winners received prizes from our sponsor, the AGRO company.

At Avrora, we value such events and strive to increase their quantity and quality.

And we are grateful for our partners’ and sponsors’ support in our activities: Мегамікс King FishBestGURZA.