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Hurry up to buy comics and assemble a collection of the Way to Victory chips!

Cheering news for Aurora visitors. The Way to Victory charity event will run until April 30.

Most of the guests of our stores not only know about this charity initiative, but already have a few Way to Victory chips or even a full collection of 30 chips.

The chips were developed based on the patriotic comics “The Way to Victory. Freedom” and “The Way to Victory. Courage”. These editions are important for Ukrainians because they contain 10 stories inspired by the heroic struggle of Ukraine in the first months of the Russian full-scale invasion.

Importantly, all proceeds from the sale of comic books, chips, and stylised tubes for storing them are transferred through UNITED24 to purchase reconnaissance drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

You still have time until April 30 to join the charity initiative, buy informative comics and chips for yourself or your kids, and support our defenders.