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Poltava Regional Military Administration awarded Avrora staff with Certificate of Honour

The Ukrainian youth is glorious! This thought became a leading idea of this year’s Youth Day. It is a landmark that we celebrated this holiday with the whole world in 2022 for the first time, since the International Youth Day falls on August 12.
Our young people have grown up and are growing in the independent Ukraine. They do not know what the yoke of political, social and creative unfreedom is. That is why they struggle so desperately for independence, fight against Russian barbarism and despotism. Looking at our boys and girls, we understand that the future of Ukraine is in safe hands!
On the festive occasion, the Poltava Regional Military Administration awarded the Avrora staff with a Certificate of Honour for a significant contribution to the development of youth policy in Poltava Region, active social and volunteer activities.
Avrora is the only business entity from Poltava that has picked up this award. We are proud and grateful! This is due to efforts of each employee. Despite the difficult circumstances, we are united and keep on going! We are hastening our victory together❤