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Representatives of Avrora Supervisory Board attended the Fifth International Forum of Corporate Directors

On December 7, 2021, representatives of Avrora Supervisory Board visited the Fifth International Forum of Corporate Directors.

Many representatives of well-known companies from Ukraine and the world took part in the event, including 'Nova Poshta', 'the National Bank of Ukraine', 'Multiplex', 'PrivatBank', 'Vasil Kisil & Partners', 'Horizon Capital', and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).


The specialized sessions of the forum addressed many important issues, including:

• The importance of corporate social responsibility

• Quality corporate governance

• The impact of corporate governance on the investment attractiveness of the company

• The tendency to involve star personalities in the Supervisory Board of the company, the arguments 'for' and 'against' this practice.


The opening of the session 'Participation of the council in the process of attracting investors' began with a discussion of the case of the company 'Aurora'.

According to the head of the practice of corporate law / mergers and acquisitions of Vasil Kisil & Partners Law Firm. It became clear to Volodymyr Ihonin that there is currently some prejudice in Ukraine about the benefits of corporate governance.

And Avrora's experience in this matter is a good motivating example, which proves that attracting a board to the company leads not only to positive results, but also to increase the company's attractiveness in the eyes of potential investors.


Avrora shareholders Taras Panasenko and Lesya Klymenko shared their views on the experience of board implementation and investment in the company.

'If you want to look at yourself from the side - invite the board, if you want to evaluate - try to attract private equity. You will learn a lot about yourself', says Lesya, but warns that you should not be afraid when you are asked an awkward question or a question to which you do not have an answer. 'It strengthens and improves your business', she said.

The participation of Avrora's representatives in this forum was a good chance to share experiences with prominent Ukrainian and international companies, as well as an opportunity to influence the overall development of corporate governance in Ukraine.


The article is based on the website of the Professional Association of Corporate Governance