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Online team building during a pandemic

The pandemic taught us not only to keep the distance, to wash our hands often and for a long time and to wear masks, but also to solve the tasks unconventionally. At different times we want to unite our employees to support each other despite the distance, because the geography of the operating stores is all over Ukraine. So we decided to hold online quests to celebrate different holidays, so that each store team could unite around a common leisure activity, not just work. Because of such informal events, employees’ belonging to the company, involvement in the mission and feeling the support of team spirit increases! 

Each such quest is a multi-day interactive event in which employees are given daily team tasks with conditions and deadlines to meet. And what matters here is not so much the result, but everyone’s involvement in the process of completing the tasks, because we believe that more can be achieved when there is #interaction_for_the_dream. 

For example, on the occasion of the company’s Values Day, one of the tasks of the quest was to create a reproduction of a famous painting out of the means at hand. We cannot but share the results! The teams not only had a good time, but also won prizes for their participation :)