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One of Avrora’s values in action

Developing the creativity of our employees is one of Avrora’s corporate culture values. We love anything new and interesting, especially when done as a team, because our values speak for themselves: #interact_for_the_dream, #create_your_world and, of course, #be_open_to_new things!


During our lunch break we occasionally allow ourselves to divert from the routine and dive into creativity – either in the conference room or in the Lounge zone, if the weather is nice. Sometimes we meet up for creative workshops outside of work too, in new locations, in order to switch to a different kind of activity.  This also leads to better performance and increased motivation, because he who has a good rest works well!

We have already created our first paintings together, some of them in different styles, with the constant support of contemporary artists and with an introduction to art history, painting styles, different materials and schools. And now these paintings decorate workplaces or walls at home and are a reminder of a wonderful experience.

We learned how to make decorative candles for ourselves and our loved ones as presents on New Year’s Eve, because such hand-made gifts warm you up and give you more emotions and impressions.  

We value our employees and are fully committed to their all-round development!