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United by Ukraine under the yellow and blue flags

Everyone already knows that the 16th of February is the Unity Day since 2022!

The purpose of this day is to unite all of Ukraine to support the armed forces and each other and to show our resolve. 

In the past, we have not thought about the essence of this concept, about our national consciousness, about the depth of our patriotism. Since our childhood, we have been educated at Ukrainian schools, we have been brought up on the basis of national traditions and we revered national symbols. The majority of people consider it to be the standard, of course. Unity Day should consolidate Ukrainians in the face of threats and information pressure.

An important attribute of the Unity Day is the widespread placement of our yellow and blue big and small flags.

The stores of our chain put up flags on the façades and in the sales areas, and the employees placed flags on their balconies, on their cars and joined the Unity Day rallies in different cities. Everything will be Ukraine!