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We doubled the amount of the “Cossacks and Avrora” campaign and transferred UAH 7,000,000 to the “Come Back Alive” fund!

For two months millions of Ukrainians have been shopping in Avrora, collecting Cossack chips and supporting our guys from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thank you all for your tremendous support! Now it is time to show what a great result we have achieved.

First, we extended the duration of the campaign for two weeks, because the number of requests from customers at the time of its scheduled completion was simply off scale. Thanks to this decision, we exceeded the target and collected as much as UAH 3,481,576.

Secondly, the incredible activity and support of people touched and inspired Avrora so much that the management of the chain made another extraordinary decision. We doubled the amount of the charity fundraising, so we donated as much as 7 million hryvnias to the “Come Back Alive” fund!

Soon we will prepare a report and tell you how many drones we managed to buy for the money raised. Follow the news on the website and, of course, come to Avrora for shopping. We always have something interesting for you!