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Lounge zone is an area for relaxation and creativity on the company premises


Our office now has one more cool location – we have our own Lounge zone!  This is a non-smoking area for company employees, where you can relax, have lunch, chat with your colleagues, hold an off or online meeting, breathing in the fresh air under birch trees.

All employees can now enjoy sunshine and drinks from the Vyluk coffee-house. The area is covered by WiFi, making it possible to hold team meetings as well as to join meetings from their own gadgets while sitting in a comfortable chair on the green lawn.

On lunch breaks or after work, you can join in a book discussion at the Avrora Reading Club, paint on an easel with professional artists, or just chat informally with colleagues after a warm-up on the grass.


Those who work well can rest well too. Employees are the company’s greatest asset, so working conditions, as well as relaxation and health, both mental and physical, are given a lot of attention by the management!