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Corporate publication for employees about employees

The corporate digest is an internal publication to distribute news and stories among employees. It has undergone some transformation: 

It was both in hard copy, allowing you to sit down during your lunch break in the food court of a distribution centre or store, or in the meeting room of a support office and leaf through the pages, observe your colleagues and read about life in the company;

and in a web-based format, which was extremely necessary to maintain corporate morale during the outbreak of the pandemic and the inability to even deliver goods to stores at times, it was a solace and a unifying factor for work. 


Published monthly, it covers not only interviews with employees in different areas, but also innovations in the company. It also includes a little bit of leisure: tips, check-lists, interactive activities, riddles, because he who knows how to have a good time works well :)


It is also a great tool for involving employees in corporate life, so you can propose your own topic for the digest, or become the hero of the next issue, and for revealing various “Easter eggs” in the issues you can get a gift!