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Corporate library of Avrora makes reading and development available to everyone

Avrora is interested in the development of own employees. That is why a corporate library is a great opportunity to create an atmosphere in which continuous learning and self-education is a natural process. The Library in Avrora was founded six years ago when several executives brought their professional books to the office. Over time, the spontaneous movement became more systematic, with a separate library room, an online book list, an electronic library, and a responsible "librarian."

The library is constantly updated. Employees are surveyed to select books that will soon be available in our library. Mostly it is business literature and the most interesting books for development. Some copies are given to us by our employees, partners and suppliers. Special thanks to them for that. Currently, the office selection of more than 300 books, for convenience, they are divided into categories: "Business", "Marketing", "Management", "Psychology", "Finance", "IT", "PR", "Other". But the most interesting and useful - are constantly "on hand" in Avrora. Any Avrora employee has access to the library.

There is also the Avrora Readers' Club, where one book is selected based on the results of the survey, which the club members read for the allotted time and then discuss collectively. Participation in club meetings is a real opportunity to communicate casually and personally with the top management of the company, exchange views, be inspired by thinking and get ideas. Books open up large amounts of information to readers, teach them to analyze it and make conclusions. Thanks to a powerful corporate library, Avrora gives each employee the opportunity to develop and grow.