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Nashebachennya contest raised almost UAH 5 million for Ukrainian Defense Forces. Aurora joined as a general sponsor and donor

On April 25, the ironic pop band Badstreet boys initiated the Nashebachennya [Our Vision] song contest. As the name suggests, the event was a Ukrainian reinterpretation of the Eurovision format. After all, the contest in Malmö, Sweden, was supposed to be apolitical, and it is important for us to support the Ukrainian Defense Forces in every way possible. That is why Aurora joined the initiative as a general partner.

The concert, which took place at the International Center of Culture and Arts, was simultaneously broadcast on YouTube, with more than 289,000 viewers watching the live stream. 

El Kravchuk, Borysenko Brothers, Oleksandr Kvarta, Kurgan & Agregat, TNMK, Andrii Barmalii and Oleksandr Yavdyk, NAZVA, Wellboy, Hamerman Znyshchuye Virusy [Hamerman Destroys Viruses], Lisapetny Battalion, Badstreet boys, MONATIK, OTOY, Misha Pravylnyi, Bogdan Kuper, PROBASS ∆ HARDI sang as guests and participants of the Nashebachennya contest.

 The audience voted for the performers with donations. Taras Panasenko, CEO of Aurora, donated UAH 500,000 to the participants’ donation “jars” and bought a lot at the auction for another UAH 200,000 to support the fundraising.  

Kurgan & Agregat became the winner based on the sum of points from the jury and the audience. The most important victory is UAH 4,835,722 raised through the contest. These funds will be used to purchase FPV drones for the Azov Assault Brigade and the Third Separate Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.