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Hoop shoot challenge for Avrora basketball lovers

A hoop shoot challenge “Tochka” (Spot) was arranged was organized for those who love to shoot hoops who gather in the Avrora sports area during the break or in off-work time. The main rule was to score a basket from different spots on the basketball court. First, the participants were divided into groups, and then the top 6 competed in the final. Eventually, 3 leaders were determined:

1st place – Volodymyr Khomich
2nd place – Ihor Leshchenko
3rd place – Pavlo Krasko

The Avrora employees had a great team-building time after the working day and showed their best shots. The winners and all participants were awarded gifts, but most importantly they enjoyed positive emotions and friendly excitement.

By the way, the sports area has the basketball backboard due to the Avrora employees’ initiative and unity. The employees restored the old backboard in the wood workshop for children and adults “Razom”. So, it is a double pleasure to shoot a hoop restored due to joint efforts.