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The warranty period will be said by the price scanner

You already know that the price scanner in Avrora quickly helps to find out the price of the product. But it has another superpower - it shows an additional warranty period for certain products. And this information is in the lower right corner of the scanner screen.

Thanks to the scanner, you can find out the warranty period before buying. And do not waste time searching for information in the box with the goods.

But keep in mind that not all products have a manufacturer's warranty. Most often in Avrora with a guarantee meets:

  • Electronics (flash drives, headphones, speakers, adapters, computer mice, etc.)
  • Electrical and lighting products (light bulbs, extension cords, lamps, sockets, night lights, etc.)
  • Small appliances (kettle, hair dryer, blender, coffee maker, rectifier, etc.)
  • Goods for repair (silicone glue gun, soldering iron, etc.)

Under the manufacturer's warranty, you will not be able to exchange the product if you do not like it or if you are bored from it. Such a guarantee works when the product has any manufacturing defects. And it is within the framework of these warranty obligations, they are eliminated or the goods are exchanged or returned.