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Avrora Reading Club, ARC for short

Are you a member of any private club?

Because any employee can become a member of the Avrora Reading Club if they wish: they can suggest books for collective reading, read and discuss them among their colleagues, sometimes even with the professional support of a psychologist (it’s like a separate art form).

Each discussion is different from the previous one, because the participants are different at the meetings, each book is unique in its plot and gives rise to different impressions and insights from reading it.

Sometimes our ARC is transformed into an Avrora Watching Club, because we choose an interesting film to watch and then discuss it. Sometimes we get so deep into the discussion that it seems that the screenwriter himself didn’t put so much thought into it when he wrote the film’s script. 

 You can never get discouraged in our ARC, as you can always enjoy reading here! It’s exciting in our ARC! You can read two books at the same time in our ARC. Using one eye for each book.