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Aurora’s charity initiatives in 2023

On the eve of 2024, together with its customers, Aurora raised funds for warm military uniforms for female soldiers for the second time.

The first successful fundraising within the Give Warmth by Creating a Holiday charity initiative took place on the eve of 2023. Due to the incredible support of our customers, we raised UAH 6 million and sewed 1,000 winter kits for women serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At the end of 2023, we resumed our charity campaign and redoubled our efforts. To maximise the funds raised, we donated 5% of the sales of New Year’s stuff to the good cause. We surpassed the previous result and raised UAH 10 million together with you.


In 2023, Aurora held six charity events, raising more than UAH 27 million to help the military and for social projects.

The total amount was raised and handed over:

- UAH 10 million each for the Defence Forces as a result of the Save the Future Together and Guard Drones campaigns.

- UAH 5 million to rebuild the children’s burn unit at the Unbroken Centre in Lviv as part of the Country of Dear Hearts campaign.

- UAH 6.4 million for surgery donations.

- UAH 8 million to rebuild Ukrainian schools owing to the Cossacks and Aurora campaign.


We would like to thank our partner teams for their cooperation in implementing the charity initiatives, namely: United 24, NGO Zemliachky, CF Come Back Alive, and the National Guard of Ukraine.

We also sincerely thank all Aurora visitors for actively supporting our charity events. We have once again proved that we can do great good deeds if we are united.