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Charity auctions in Avrora

Creating good is easy! There are small good cases that are not really done to gain fame or rankings, but just to help those who need it the most.

At the beginning of 2021, Avrora conducted 2 charity auctions among the company's employees. Charitable lots were gifts from suppliers and partners, which our managers, in accordance with the policy of ethical cooperation, did not accept for their own benefit, but transferred to the company's balance sheet.

We follow this approach to avoid conflicts of interest in any way. When a partner interested in further cooperation presents valuable gifts to managers, they are transferred to the company. However, it makes no sense to collect them. That's why, a charity auction is a great opportunity to show corporate social responsibility to employees, partners and those who need support.

Thanks to this format, at the first auction we were able to raise UAH 5,060 together. The funds were sent to the Helpgroup Charitable Foundation, where they will be used to purchase a venous scanner for babies born prematurely. At the second auction, dedicated to the holiday on March 8, we managed to raise UAH 3,135, which were included in the fundraising of the Helpgroup Charitable Foundation for the maintenance of the wards of the Cortex Recovery Center.

Imagine how many happy smiles and joy there will be in the world if each of us at least sometimes does a little good deal. Do good always and everywhere where there is an opportunity, because it is not only simple, but also very pleasant!