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Aurora’s running traditions

 Running has been an element of Aurora’s corporate culture for many years. Aurora employees are not professional runners, they run as amateurs: to maintain physical and mental health, for informal communication with the team, and for new experience and positive emotions. Everyone can run, depending on their abilities and the goals they set for themselves.  

Many Aurora employees started running to join the other team members, inspired by the example of their colleagues. The following initiatives also contributed to the promotion of running in 2023:


  • support for charity races – “Run. Cycle. Donate” (Mistohub); “Running for those in boots” (Gurkit Charitable Foundation) and “Armed with the will” (Race Expert). 
  • RunBike corporate challenge;
  • joint trips to races: Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Ternopil;
  • holding traditional running meetings;
  • joint training sessions at the stadium with a coach;
  • updating corporate sports T-shirts. 

Running inspires Aurora employees to achieve great results both in their personal lives and at work. So, the Aurora team is united and energised and ready to reach new heights.