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Avrora employees honour the national clothes and celebrate Vyshyvanka Day

On May 19 our country celebrates Vyshyvanka Day. The holiday itself encourages every conscientious citizen to do an absolutely simple act of putting on a vyshyvanka and wearing it to work or school. However, this action has a deep context, as it is an expression of our national and civic position, cultural awareness and spiritual consciousness.

On this day we, like all Ukrainians, dressed up in our national clothes. At such a difficult time for all of us, on this day it is important to remember about our origins. After all, Ukrainian people are strong, independent, hard-working, creative and have great traditions!

As experience shows, people are always uplifted and smiling on Vyshyvanka Day, because there are a lot of symbols of strength, prosperity, beauty, and amulets in the ancient clothes. Taking 5 minutes for a heart-warming photo with colleagues in a patriotic outfit that carries sacred meaning for us, Ukrainians, is also about #interaction_for_the_dream.