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Aurora always stays close: our 1,000th store is open!

Our multimarket chain continues to support Ukrainians in hardship by providing them with the stuff they need at affordable prices. There are hundreds of stores in different parts of Ukraine where you can buy household goods and detergents, food, etc.

On June 24 the 1,000th Aurora multimarket in Ukraine opened in Ivano-Frankivsk, which was a significant event for us. Due to wartime, we did not celebrate it extensively, but we did not forget about our visitors and their positive emotions: we raffled off 1,000 prizes among the new store’s customers and treated them to cotton candy. In addition, there were discounts of up to 50% on 1,000 popular products for almost a week before and on the opening day.

Aurora is moving forward and continues to expand its chain. Our priority remains unchanged – to ensure that our customers find the goods they need at an attractive price and enjoy their shopping experience in each our store. Thank you for choosing Aurora.