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Avrora and Veteran Hub signed a memorandum of cooperation

 The Avrora multimarket chain has started cooperation with the Charitable Organization “Charitable Foundation “VETERAN HUB++” within the scope of the Praktyka project, which provides support for the hiring of veterans in the company and the development of veteran-friendly policies, processes and the creation of a system of benefits for employees with military experience. Since signing the memorandum, we have already held 4 training webinars with HR and department heads on “How to work with veterans and make this interaction mutually beneficial.” We discussed such important issues as:

  • What professions do veterans choose after returning from military service?
  • The path of a veteran as a company employee.
  • Selection and adaptation of veterans in the workplace.
  •  Implementation of ethical communication with veteran employees.
  • Psychological self-support for HR and team managers.

 Avrora’s employees were also informed about the possibility of receiving free assistance:

  • Legal (initial legal advice);
  • psychological (psychological support, counselling, crisis counselling, referrals to
  • psychotherapists);information (assistance in finding contacts to meet basic needs).


Veterans, defenders and their families can use these services by calling the support line: 067 348 28 68. At the same time, there are spaces and mobile offices in Kyiv and Vinnytsia. 


In addition, useful information can be found on the Veteran Hub website:

 The memorandum signed by Avrora and the Veteran Hub outlines the main forms of cooperation:


  1. Information exchange.
  2. Joint communication campaigns.
  3. Joint events.
  4. Joint development of priority projects and creation of conditions for their implementation.
  5. Monitoring of HR processes and consultations to improve them.

 The main goal of this interaction is to help veterans adapt to civilian life after military service.