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Avrora celebrates the All-Ukrainian Day of Human Responsibility

Did you know that this year was a unique event? Ukraine became the first country in the world to introduce a celebration of Responsibility Day at the state level and will continue to celebrate it every year on October 19.
The date was chosen not by chance, it coincides with the birthday of Bohdan Havrylyshyn - a prominent Ukrainian economist, philanthropist and public figure who is the author of the 'Declaration of Human Responsibility.'

'The world is not healthy and in order to change the situation, we need to take responsibility at all levels,' Gavrilishyn said.

These values   are shared by our company and employees. That is why Avrora has been a partner of the Bohdan Havrylyshyn Foundation for several years.
As part of the celebration, the Bohdan Havrylyshyn Family Foundation is organizing a festive event at the Ukrainian House, a number of activities in the capital and regions. It also encourages people, organizations and communities to share examples of personal responsibility on social media.

Our company has always understood the value of social responsibility and confirmed it with actions.
This spring we planted pines and birches in the forest, sticks in pots, as well as plowing and cleaning. And by the Day of Responsibility we will hold a series of tree plantings, including the results of the 'JOYKIS' campaign.
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