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Avrora became a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine

In order to provide the highest quality product for customers, our company is developing in many ways - we are introducing new technologies, improving our stores, range, service.

At the same time, we do not forget to establish close cooperation with numerous business communities in Ukraine.


And so September 2021 prepared for our company another significant event.

Avrora has become a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine!

Due to this, new opportunities open up for our company:

• Cooperation and exchange of experience with members of the chamber.

• Influencing government decisions in the field of retail and entrepreneurship by participating in meetings with the government, activities in committees and working groups.

• A sea of   new knowledge and skills that Avrora employees will get at numerous educational events organized by the Chamber.


In general, the results of the membership will soon be felt by every visitor of Avrora Multimarket stores. After all, our chain of stores will change for the better from day to day and from year to year.