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Avrora is looking for merchandise suppliers

Dear suppliers and manufacturers of goods!
Right now, most Ukrainian businesses are out of business or cannot operate. And the people of the country and our defenders need the store shelves to be filled.

We appeal to everyone who can produce or supply goods in certain regions or all over the country. We cooperate to keep Ukrainians fed and warm, to support the economy, and to avoid panic.

Right now our customers are more in need of such goods as:

- Canned goods (fish, meat, pates)
- Canned vegetables
- Groats (buckwheat, rice, peas, wheat groats)
- Pasta (Noodle products)
- Flashlights
- Batteries
- Power Banks
- Household Candles
- Laundry soap bars
- Laundry detergents
- Pipe cleaners
- Matches
- Portable gas cylinders
- Gas for refueling lighters
- Duct tape

If you are able to produce or supply stated above goods, Avrora is open for cooperation.
Please leave your suggestions in the special form on our "Partners" page.