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Avrora is back in Kherson

Avrora is back in Kherson
The Avrora team works daily to ensure the operation of about 800 stores in all parts of Ukraine. At the same time, we keep monitoring the achievements of the Ukrainian defenders so that we are prepared for resuming the operation of our stores in the de-occupied settlements as soon as possible.
We began the related arrangements for our retail outlets in Kherson even before the liberation of the city, because our team believed with all its heart in the strength and power of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
This was challenging, but we managed to set up the equipment, ensure electricity supply and gather all the employees together, and most importantly, restock the shelves with the necessary goods.
On November 24, the first opening took place. Our store in Kherson at 133 Illiushi Kulyka Street is already waiting for its customers.
We are extremely proud of the entire team that made efforts for Avrora to be back in Kherson. We are sincerely grateful that the Armed Forces of Ukraine made it happen.
We invite to the store everyone who has been waiting for the opening of Avrora for so long.
We will become even closer in a few days, because another store in Kherson will resume its operation.