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Avrora Supports Easter Basket 2021 Campaign

Already for the fifth year, 'the Caritas Poltava' Charitable Foundation has been holding the Easter Basket All-Ukrainian Charitable Action. Its goal is to help lonely and socially disadvantaged elderly people of the city who spend their small benefits on medicines and bills, saving on food.

In early April, the organization announced a collection of food kits and supplies for elderly Poltava residents to wish them a Happy Easter. The action took place from 6 to 28 April. It was possible to join the initiative both financially and independently by purchasing products for the formation of packages. As part of the action, various cereals, pasta, butter, flour, tea, and canned food were purchased and collected. And the obligatory attribute of each set is eggs, cake and a greeting card.

This year the action was supported by both ordinary citizens of Poltava and organizations and companies. Avrora also did not stand aside from this initiative and joined the collection of Easter baskets for the elderly in difficult life circumstances. Together, we managed to collect enough essential products and form 120 sets. The wards of the "Caritas Poltava" foundation received baskets on the eve of Easter and sincerely thanked all the benefactors, thanks to whom, even in difficult times, they were able tofeel the spirit of a bright holiday.