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Aurora delivered 200 radio sets to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Radio sets are one of the most urgent needs of the Ukrainian army. Reliable communication that will not fail in time of need helps not only to successfully perform combat missions, but also to save lives.

As combat units are often scattered in the field, radio communication can be a lifesaver, helping to strengthen positions and identify enemy concentrations.

Following a request from the Poltava Military and Civilian Administration, Aurora met the needs of a military unit in Motorola radio sets and components. The Company purchased and delivered a total of 200 digital devices, including long-range car radio sets, in two consignments. This is professional equipment with a robust body and reliable communication features can meet the military servicemen’s needs.

Aurora continues to hold the economic frontline and provide assistance to the military. We are grateful to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for them to make it possible that we can live and work. We will win together!