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Avrora cares about nature protection

Avrora's corporate social responsibility is evolving in several areas, one of which is environmental protection. Therefore, on the occasion of World Nature Day, which is celebrated on June 5 in more than a hundred countries, the company conducted several environmental events.

In particular, Avrora organized a 'Plant your own oak' campaign for the support office staff. Everyone had the opportunity to plant the seedlings in pots and call them by their names or give any name. As the trees grow and grow in the office yard, each employee will take care of and water their oak. And in the fall the seedlings will be moved to the forest.

The Avrora team also organized a plug-in - a run combined with garbage collection. After a light warm-up and instructions, all participants of the action armed themselves with gloves, garbage bags and ran along the paths of the Poltava River Park in search of plastic bottles and garbage. Not only Avrora residents but also city runners, socially responsible youth and even whole families with children joined the action. Together they ran, collected a lot of garbage and threw it in the tanks for recycling and recycling of plastic.

 'Avrora' by its own example calls for an ecological lifestyle. But not only on World Environment Day, but always. Be environmentally conscious and do not expect changes - create your own world!