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Avrora Green to Be Among One of the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Projects in Customer Service

Avrora joined the recently held first Ukrainian customer experience award, Ukrainian CX Excellence. The event presented the operations of the Avrora Green waste sorting centre in the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Project in Customer Service nomination.

Avrora Green is a part of the Aurora Group of companies, which focuses on protecting the environment and preserving the health of Ukrainians. Currently, this area has one waste sorting point in Poltava. The project team elaborates and develops a large number of initiatives that help everyone contribute to environmental protection. The employees teach waste sorting, help sort it, and provide an opportunity to buy eco-friendly products and goods made from recycled materials.

The essay defence and presentation of Avrora Green took place from February to June. The Programme Committee was pleasantly surprised by the project level and serviceability.

The long-awaited result was finally achieved – we were ranked the 3rd in the Best Social Responsibility Project in Customer Service nomination.

We share this joy with you and encourage everyone to get involved in environmentally conscious waste management with Avrora Green.