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47 Aurora employees donated blood on Donor Day in the support office

The team of the Poltava Regional Blood Transfusion Station traditionally helped to organise the collective donation at Avrora. We hold a collective Donor Day approximately once every two months, observing the recommended 60-day interval between donations.

Each time, both our experienced donors and those who share their blood for the first time join the initiative. It’s much more comfortable to make your first donation in a familiar environment and with the support of your colleagues. 


47 donations – this is the result of the corporate Donor Day at the support office in Poltava. This time, 19 donor certificates were presented to Aurora employees. Each of them also received a badge in the form of a blood component from our partner, NGO Blood Agents.

By the way, we already have 477 donors in our corporate database, and the total number of donations has reached 1,222, which means 3,666 lives saved.